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Well, let’s start out with the clear and simple truth. Smoking does impact your life insurance rates and not by just a little bit. Should it?

We’ve talked at length about the problems with smoking and the myriad of health issues it causes or makes worse. From the obvious like lung cancer and COPD, to obscure but no less deadly things like the impact that smoking can have on prostate cancer.

If you smoke, you are not more likely to get prostate cancer, but if you smoke and get prostate cancer you are far more likely to die from the cancer.

So how is smoker’s mortality determined? I’m sure the mortality tables have it broken down quite scientifically, but here’s a sobering tool that will at least throw a number at the whole issue that might get your attention.

I’ve noticed with smokers that there tends to be an attitude of denial about the loss of a few years. After all, that few years comes from the end of your life and we all have to go sometime. What’s the big difference between death at age 75 or 82? I can tell you that my parents are age 84 and 85, and while they feel they’ve lived a long full life and are ready to go whenever the Lord calls, they are enjoying their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren more now than they ever have. Would there have been a difference for them? I think either one of them would tell you that they would not have wanted to miss out on say the last 8 years of each other, or the joy of their family.

Bottom line. Smoking shortens life. In later years it will make it less comfortable. It will double or triple your life insurance rates. It will cause people to hold their noses around you or walk away.