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There is a new treatment being developed that will allow insulin to be administered via a rubbed in cream versus a needle stick. Allie Beatty’s blog on “Insulin skin gel” can be found the and outlines what would be an amazing breakthrough for insulin dependent diabetics.

From my perspective it is exciting to know that an easier, more humane method of treating type 1 diabetes will lead to better compliance with treatment. As we’ve discussed so many times, better compliance brings better control which brings improved health and mortality experience which brings………………lower life insurance rates.

The idea of rubbing in a cream versus injecting insulin will remove the whole downside stigma of diabetes treatment. Right now so many insulin dependent diabetics feel uncomfortable “treating” themselves. Highly unlikely that a young person feels comfortable treating themselves in public and they probably even worry about what their friends think when they have to go find someplace away from everyone to inject insulin.

In a cream form I can see a situation where a child or teen could actually treat themselves while standing around talking to their friends. How great would that be?

I highly recommend for anyone with diabetes or for anyone that knows someone with diabetes. They are a prolific source of cutting edge information.

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