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Some months ago I had an interaction with Allie Beatty, a writer for She threw a curve at me concerning the significance of c-peptide in control of type 1 diabetes. I approached several insurance and reinsurance companies to see if they had ever considered considering c-peptide levels in their underwriting for type 1 diabetes. They do test for it on insurance exams. No one ever responded. It seems they stand ready to use out of range c-peptide results against  you, but don’t seem ready to embrace normal results as being a favorable thing. Somehow the lack of response was not a surprise to Allie. It kinda ticked me off.

In one of her last posts for the diabetes blog, she threw out a very compelling case for why blood sugar levels alone should not be the sole determinant of control for type 1 diabetes. I suspect we will see this picked up quickly on her new website . I highly recommend that if you have type 1 diabetes or know someone that does, that you take a few minutes a day and follow what she has found to pass on to those who need it.

Will life insurance underwriters shake things up and consider c-peptide? The truth is that they probably won’t any time soon based on the fact that I couldn’t find any that would even discuss it.

Bottom line. For now it would appear that glucose control will be the determinant of diabetes control when it comes to life insurance. My hope is that new doors for treatment will be opened and that as they are, life insurance will become available at affordable rates for more and more people.